Current Delights September 26, 2018

September 25, 2018 6 comments

Here’s a few things I’m excited to taste, see, try, and shop. Today’s feature is the Chocolate Train in Switzerland, a delightful food tour of chocolate and cheese.

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The Chocolate Train

Watch this fun video tourย of what to expect when you board the Chocolate Train, a culinary adventure into the heart of Switzerland’s cheese and chocolate industries. (Images via

Hadid Family Dinner

The Hadids filmed an eccentric and spooky family feast to celebrate the best looks from NYFW. You’ll love the choreography and the spunky banter. Watch it on

The New J.Crew

I’ve always shopped at J.Crew since I was in high school. I know the brand has been struggling lately. So it’s nice to see it’s finally revamped. While I love seeing fun new designs in store, I’m wondering how much of the experience will change for shoppers. I related to this review from Business Insider. Shop the featured dress here.

Chocolate Heart

I know this treat went viral in February, but I’m just discovering it now. There’s something about watching gooey chocolate get pulled apart that tickles my taste buds. I literally went out and bought some chocolate after viewing this video. Watch how the 2 pound chocolate heart gets crafted in this Food Insider video.

This Acid Is Blowing Up Skincare

As someone who suffers from hormonal adult acne, I’m always looking for the next best thing that will help me get rid of acne scars and hyperpigmentation. Apparently tranexamic acid does the trick. Read more about the power of this skincare ingredient on

Anything you’re currently delighted by? I’d love to know what has caught your eye lately.

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