The Cutest Holiday Sweaters You Will Not Be Embarrassed to Be Seen In

December 7, 2018 5 comments

Oh holiday sweaters, how I love thee! No, not the ugly sweater kind. Although, those are always fun for a night. But the adorable holiday sweaters with endearing embellishments. Give me all the pompoms, wraparound Christmas lights, cuddly winter animals, and sparkles. These sweaters are usually 3D, meaning there’s something puffy or soft that’s totally touchable on them. Why are they so dang cute? Because they’re doing double duty keeping you warm and getting you into the holiday spirit.

This adorable fair isle sweater has got little pompom hats on it that match with the pompom hat I’m wearing. If that doesn’t make you go aww, then you may not have a heart.

Boden Christmas Fair Isle Sweater

Holiday Sweaters for Women

Cute Holiday Sweaters

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If you love holiday sweaters as much as I do, here are some of my favorite ones right now. They’ll keep you festive and cheery throughout the season.


And now that you’ve got your holiday sweater ready to go, here’s some great ideas for holiday gifts and holiday dresses you’ll love.

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